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The following policies are in place to ensure the best care for every pet that comes to Treat Play Fluff. A policy agreement will be sent to you and must be e-signed before scheduling with us.
Much like our understanding of dogs and the best practices in providing their care, our business is ever-evolving! Please reach out if you have any questions!

Our Fear Free Promise

At Treat Play Fluff, our goal is to keep your pet safe and comfortable while giving them a positive experience! We encourage and teach cooperative grooming behavior with positive reinforcement, using treats, praise, play, and affection. Most dogs require multiple sessions to learn to trust the groomer and the process before significant grooming is accomplished.

If your pet shows distress or discomfort with any grooming task, the task will be adapted or postponed for a later session. We will not jeopardize your dog’s hard-earned trust and confidence by forcibly completing a task, and make no guarantees of the amount of grooming your pet will be comfortable completing during any appointment. We will always put your dog’s welfare first!

Our Commitment to Safety

All dogs are required to be current on their flea treatment, rabies vaccination, and yearly exams with their vet. It’s important that you advise us of any allergies, dietary restrictions, or known medical conditions, as well as any handling sensitivities or fears, so we can proactively accommodate your pet's needs.

As appropriate, we may use collars, harnesses, slings, muzzles, and similar gear after a period of positively conditioning your pet to these items. Please be aware that when working with moving animals, accidents can happen such as quicked nails or nicks from sharp tools. We are fully insured through Business Insurers of the Carolinas, and all efforts will be made to keep your pup safe and happy!

Scheduling Policies and Fees

Your appointment is 1-on-1 private salon time reserved exclusively for your dog. We appreciate the courtesy of 48 hours notice should you need to cancel, to allow us the opportunity to fill the spot. Timely drop-off and pick-up ensures that your pup gets the most out of their reserved time, and prevents overlap with other pets' appointments.

  • Same-day cancellations will be charged the full appointment price.

  • Late arrival beyond 15 minutes will require rescheduling, and be charged the full appointment price.

  • Cancellations with less than 48hrs notice will be charged 50% of appointment price.

  • Late pick-ups beyond 10 minutes will result in a $10 charge, and $10 for each additional 15 minutes.

  • Fleas found on your pet will require them to be picked up immediately, with a $20 charge on top of the full price.

  • Photos or videos taken by us of your pet before, during, or after grooming may be used at our discretion for marketing, education, or demonstration purposes.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

We are only ONE member of your pet’s care team. We may refer you to a vet, trainer, or behaviorist if we recognize an issue beyond our scope as their groomer. Any illness, pain, or psychological conditions must be managed by the appropriate professional in order for us to safely and effectively provide services.

This makes YOU the most important member of your pet’s care team, as you are the only one who can facilitate this. Your pet and your groomer thank you for providing exceptional care!